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Here's the deal.

While I am appreciative of the attention some of my work has garnered, and believe me, I do appreciate it more than you'll know, I am starting to feel... annoyed. VERY. Annoyed.

I am fully aware of some of my works popping up in games such as Geometry Dash and Roblox, and while that on its own is all well and fine, it seems that's all anyone even acknowledges me for. Fine, whatever, I can deal. What I CAN'T stand, though, is that some of the folks who have used my works don't even give me the respect of proper credits. Is that so hard to do? Like, really? REALLY?? Why is giving proper credits to a person for their work such a foreign concept to people, especially those who do level edits and such, ala Roblox?

For context, there is a level on Roblox out there created by... well, someone, I don't actually know fully, by the name of Project Nebula. In it, it uses my remix track "Nuclear Fusion REDUX", which, as you may know, has become quite popular thanks to Geometry Dash. Normally, I would not have much issue with this (save for me feeling like my popularity is only thanks to Geometry Dash and Roblox, and that no one even bothers to check out any of my other stuff because that's all they know me for, imagine my disappointment), but when I went to find the page for the project itself, nowhere in the project announcement or description did I find any credits regarding me and my work on my remix, which was used in said level.

With that in mind, let me make one thing perfectly clear to you all.

If you wish to use my work, be it remixes or some of my more obscure, actual ORIGINAL work, that's all well and fine. As long as it's not just a blatant reupload or Nightcore (or anything in relation to it), I am fine with that, as long as you give me proper credit, and post a link to either the track here on Newgrounds, or if it is available on YouTube, submitted by the user Shiverwar (that's me), post a link to the video. As long as you do this, I am chill with you using my work for games, videos, stuff like that, so long as there is no commercial gain to be had from it. That is where I will draw the line, alongside blatant reuploads and such. Since I am not making money off of my remixes (and don't plan to in the foreseeable future), it's only fair that it stays out of projects that do have the intention of making money. Free projects, videos, animations, all of that is fine, as long as credits and a link to the track (again, either here or on my YouTube channel) is clearly given in the description or inside the project itself.

Again, I can't believe I have to even SAY this, but it seems some people just don't get the idea of proper credits and attributing of a musical work. Is this really that foreign to some people? Seriously, am I missing something? Have these past couple of years jaded me so much that I've lost touch with what is proper these days? Help me out here, I am genuinely confused and irritated!


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